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A bit about me...

As a woman diagnosed later in life with ADHD, I understand the unique challenge of having a brain that moves fast and wants to do ALL the things, but sometimes struggles to get in gear, or prioritize, or to know when enough is enough. Fortunately, I’ve always been fascinated with people – how we think, feel, learn, create, and overcome, how we are similar and different, and how we show up in the world. This has allowed me to learn a lot over the years about my own brain and how it works. Today - I love the way my brain connects things and processes quickly, but it doesn't come without a few challenges.


While not all of my clients have ADHD, many of them struggle with similar challenges. Their brains go fast, they are deep thinkers, they feel things intensely, they struggle with overwhelm, work-life balance, perfectionism and burnout. I love to help my clients tame some of those dragons a bit so they can truly shine.


My approach to coaching leans on my intense sense of curiousity and love of people combined with an understanding of the neuroscience behind coaching. I use a strengths-based approach that is full of heart and is results driven. Coaching rests on the knowledge that you are your own best expert. I can be your expert coach, but you get to be the expert in your own life. My job is to pull you out of the chaos of life and into a space that allows you to understand and appreciate your unique gifts, and how to use them as you move forward. The challenge is learning to identify and listen to your own inner wisdom.


Clients tell me that I create a sense of calm - a stillness that allows them to sort through the jumble and hear that inner voice and find their own solutions. Working with me will allow you to become more self-aware, more confident, and will help you discover your own strategies for working through overwhelm, procrastination, perfectionism, and more.

Whether you are struggling with life on the homefront or at the office or both - I can help.


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“Meg has coached me through a challenging career transition, which had major implications for my family, social life, and personal wellbeing. Some of what I have been facing is uniquely affected by having ADHD and being a woman/mother with health issues. Meg has made me feel genuinely accepted, turned my differences into strengths, and every time we meet, given me tangible tasks and resources to help me on my journey. I have seen great results, such as increased confidence in navigating social situations and making my ADHD strengthen my work and family life, instead of it feeling like a deficit. She is flexible and patient, yet helps me to hold myself accountable for the kind of progress I want.”



"Finding myself has been a long time challenge and working with Meg has enabled me to remember and appreciate the person that I am through her Co-Active coaching. The initial self-discovery was a supportive and nurturing experience that created a base for the remaining 3 months we worked together. Themes were discovered, visions were created, and transformations occurred. It was an experience that has prepared me to know what my next steps are so I can obtain the goals I want to achieve. I know it is cliché to say, but the experience was truly life changing!"   


Jodi Wroblewski, PMP

Director of Customer Success and Implementation at GeoComm

Certifications and Qualifications

  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

  • Certified ADHD Life Coach

  • Over 25 years in small business

  • Nearly 20 years spent studying gifted & twice exceptional learners

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