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Curious about working with me?


At Coaching Brilliance, I work with extraordinary people who sometimes struggle with ordinary - and not so ordinary things.

Sometimes, living your "best life" can become a bit much. It's possible to become overwhelmed by your responsibilities to your work, your people, your life, and your drive. You often feel conflicted about the many responsibilities and goals you try to hold onto. Pushed and pulled in so many directions, it’s easy to lose sight of the path you were on and why you ventured in that direction in the first place. I’m here to create a place for you to pause. I can help you clear the cobwebs and clarify your vision and find your path.

I get it – you are incredibly committed to the work you do, the people you love, and the community you live in and you want to shine in all of those areas. It’s time to own your brilliance and conquer overwhelm, perfectionism, procrastination, and self-doubt, so you can show up for your life and work the way you want to. I’m here to help you – one coaching conversation at a time.


“Meg’s coaching style is one of a great listener who has the ability to hone in on the issue without judging to help you discover your core strengths and areas of growth. She has a depth of knowledge that assisted me growing as a leader.  I would highly recommend Meg as a leadership coach.”

– Kathy, School Administrator


How I can help

So many of us spend so much time trying to go it alone and find ourselves frustrated, overwhelmed, and worn out. The thing is - you don't have to do it that way. 

One-to-one coaching with me allows you time and space to breathe, dig deep, get focused, and reignite your spark.  

Let's get started!

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